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Accessibility Statement

The Ivydene Hotel plot dates back to 1899, and the building was built originally as two edwardian terraced boarding houses which first traded in 1909.

The building today is merged from the original adjacent establishments, making a larger single property. As the building keeps most of it's original character, accessability is limited, although improved somewhat since Edwardian times.

At The Ivydene Hotel, we can be contacted in the following ways, by letter, e-mail, webform, telephone and also by text message to our mobile phone. We have designed our website to include as much information as possible, we have a facebook page and a printed brochure is available on request and easily downloadable from our website. The website is written using standard easy to read fonts and colour schemes.The site is compatable with all known modern browsers, and allows for font enlargement through the browser’s toolbar.

This access statement can be read online or downloaded by pdf. A written copy can be mailed on request. An information page on how to find us and directions and distances from public transport terminals is available on our website. If any further information is required, just contact reception. We are happy to help.

Contact information for accessable private hire transport and to our door is provided on our website and in reception. Mobility shop information is displayed in reception. We are happy to hire mobility equipment for you, just let us know. Any pre-delivered equipment can be stored safely at the hotel pending your arrival. Maps of the local area are available in reception and we are happy to point out the location of any local service.

As our building keeps most of it's original edwardian character and charm, wheelchair access is limited throughout the building, although all communal facilities are located on the ground floor and are easily accessable by most. Persons with zero mobility without the use of a wheel chair may experience difficulties. Please contact reception, we are happy to assess mobility issues on a one to one basis prior to booking.

The Ivydene Hotel has a car park with a dropped kerb, it is flat with no restrictions such as speed bumps or barriers and is equipped with a security light. The distance from the car park to the door is approx. 20m. There are four spaces, which are available on a first come first served basis. Free street parking is available close to hotel and restricted areas next to the hotel are available for parking overnight. Blue badge holders are allowed to park during the daytime on resricted areas adjacent to the hotel. Dropping off is allowed in front of the hotel as there are no loading restrictions. This is only 5m from the front door. All parking areas mentioned are either tarmaced or concreted right up the hotel. A procedure is in place to ensure rear access to cars is available at all times.

The hotel contact phone number is available outside the building on the front and rear signs. As no pets are allowed in the hotel, no provision is made for dog bowls etc. Visitors of guests may bring dogs into the front garden.

All signage provided is clear with text size as large as is possible. A bell is provided both on the outside of the building and inside the porch. Reception is equipped with a bell. Also guests are provided with a key for 24 hours access. Assistance with cases is provided on request.

The main entrance is located at the front of the building. The walkway from the front gate to the porch door is flat. The porch door is raised with a 75mm step up and has an opening width of 1100mm. The porch is flat and leads to the front door with a 70mm step up and is equipped with a security light. The opening width of the front door is 950mm. Access to ground floor rooms is limited to 600mm because of the nature of the staircases and therefore are not wheelchair accessable.

All corridors are at least 900mm wide and are provided with fire fighting equipment and fire alarm call points and are always well lit. Access to the bar, guest lounge and dining rooms is provided by standard width doors. Landings to the first floor are equipped with double handrails and are of a standard design with 15 steps to the first floor, and a further 14 steps to the second floor. All guests are personally escorted to their rooms, and help with bags provided on request.

In the case of persons not being able to access the front door bell, we can be contacted by either the reception phone or mobile. Additional keys are available to rooms on request. Comfortable downstairs seating is provided in the guest lounge, bar area (when open) and the dining room. Guest are welcome to view the facilities prior to booking. Reception is not permanently manned but the hotel management can be contacted by bell or phone 24 hours. The reception closes between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. No arrivals are available during these times. Arrival times are discussed and logged on booking and a contact phone number taken. The height of reception is 1.2m and the bell located as near to the edge as possible for easy access.

The floor is level throughout reception, guest lounge, bar and dining room. The hotel tariff is clearly stated in the porch and available on the website or pdf download or by post. Brochures and price lists are always available to take away in the porch. A personalised quote can be provided over the telephone or by email. Due to the nature of the building, we are unable to provide a lift or escalator. All doors and doorframes are painted with a contrasting paint scheme wherever possible. Bedrooms are located on the ground, first and second floors. An emergency escape route and an alternative route are provided from all floors to the main entrance. An alternative exit is available to use in an emergency at the rear of the building. All bedroom floors are carpet with sound proofed underlay or safety flooring. All public rooms are carpet and the reception area original wooden flooring with non-slip mat at the entrance. All corridors and staircases are carpet. A public telephone is provided and also free wireless computer connection. For anybody wishing to use the phone from a seated position, we at reception are happy to help.

At least minimum lighting requirements are met in all rooms and corridors. All audio/visual equipment provided is equipped with subtitles and text. All doors to publicly accessable rooms have glass panels. A ground floor toilet is provided through the bar area (when open) but is not accessable by wheelchair.

A fire escape procedure is in place and displayed in rooms and public areas. All fire fighting equipment is checked regularly. All electrical wiring is checked regularly. All gas fitting are checked regularly. All portable electrical equipment provided is checked regularly. Health and safety procedures and kitchen hygiene procedures are followed. A certificate of hotel insurance, premises licence, public liablility insurance is held.

Our address is as follows: Ivydene Hotel, 39 - 41 Drummond Road, Skegness, PE25 3EB

Our telephone number is: 01754 763834

Our emergency mobile number is: 07780 542274

Our e-mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our website is: http://www.ivydenehotel.co.uk

In the future we intend to keep working along side our guests to make everybody's stay as comfortable as is humanly possible.

Remember the Ivydene Hotel is your seaside home from home.

Booking with us is easy.
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Ivydene Hotel

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